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“…the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was thrown into the sea and gathered fish of every kind.” Matthew 13:47

PRAY 4 THE NATIONS  is a non-profit organization whose  vision is to capture the hearts of generations for Christ through a global prayer ministry that unites Kingdom-minded communities, businesses, non-profits, and individuals in the mission to disciple the nations. By establishing a network of anointed people of prayer and resources, we will foster collaboration, resource sharing, and address urgent needs for the Body of Christ. Guided by the principles of the five-fold ministry, we envision a world transformed by prayer, unity, and discipleship.


Our mission is to honor God by igniting a global prayer movement, empowering all sectors of society to disciple nations for Christ. We forge strategic prayer partnerships worldwide, promote resource sharing, and foster unity among believers. Together, we address pressing needs, share vision, and bolster ministries in their quest for enduring transformation in every corner of the globe.


Our mission centers on prayer’s transformative power. We nurture a prayer-centric lifestyle, fostering unity among diverse groups. Committed to discipleship, we empower believers to follow Christ and make disciples. Collaborative partnerships bolster our mission of holistic transformation, addressing spiritual, social, economic, and physical needs through the Gospel and persistent prayer.

Our Main Goals

Network Building


Prayer Mobilization

Resource Sharing

Innovation & Technology



“Write the vision,

make it plain on tablets,

so he may run who reads it.”

Habakkuk 2:2

Assemble a dedicated team of Five-Fold anointed intercessors with diverse skills and expertise to oversee the development and execution of the ministry’s vision and mission.

Reach out to Kingdom communities, businesses, non-profits, and families globally to build relationships and establish partnerships based on shared values and goals.

Create a user-friendly online platform to connect and engage individuals and organizations, facilitating prayer requests, resource sharing, and collaboration. Utilize various communication channels, such as newsletters, social media, and online forums, to disseminate information, share testimonies, and facilitate ongoing engagement and interaction among participants.

Plan and execute regular prayer initiatives, such as prayer conferences, virtual prayer meetings, and prayer campaigns, to mobilize individuals and communities in intercession for urgent and ongoing needs, revival, and transformation in different regions of the world.

Develop comprehensive databases of resources, including teaching materials, training programs, and best practices in prayer, which can be accessed and shared among partnering ministries.


By the Numbers

Number of partnering Kingdom communities, businesses, non-profits, and families engaged in the ministry.


Participation levels in prayer initiatives, conferences, and networking events.


Testimonies of transformed lives and communities resulting from the ministry’s initiatives.


Growth and expansion of local chapters or prayer groups in different regions.


Number of individuals equipped and empowered through prayer discipleship programs and training.


Online engagement metrics, such as website traffic, social media followers, and user interactions.

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